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    Subaru Corporation Gunma Oizumi Plant

    Subaru Corporation’s Gunma Oizumi Plant has standardized on Azbil TA's mist lubrication units for its machine tools. The plant has also consolidated its maintenance work, including the checking of any problems found in inspection of the large number of lubrication units, catching predicted failures, and replacing parts. These changes have allowed the plant to operate continuously and reliably at full capacity.

    Higher Added Value for Further Growth as a Global Brand

    Subaru Corporation does business mainly in the automotive and aerospace fields. Its automotive business and the Subaru brand are widely known from popular car model names like Impreza, Crosstrek, and Levorg.

    In April 2017, the company changed its name from Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. to Subaru Corporation, and expressed its determination to thrive as a brand that delivers value under the slogan “From a company making things, to a company making people smile.” Subaru continues to provide “enjoyment and peace of mind” to customers around the world. It also works to raise its value added business to an even higher level to continue growing as an attractive global brand.

    Subaru’s Gunma Oizumi Plant is a production base for Subaru engines and transmissions. These products are supplied to the company’s body factories.

    “The first factory at the Oizumi Plant began operation in 1983,” recalls Kazuya Saeki, a senior manager in Production Department 3. “Since then, a second, third, and fourth factories began operation at three-year intervals to respond to increased demand for production. In July 2010, a fifth factory was established to produce the new generation of boxer engines, which have low fuel consumption and excellent environmental performance.”

    This case study was published in the 2019 Vol.1 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.