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    Usina Coruripe Plant Campo Florido Unit

    Additional product installation considered for continuous and stable operation

    In addition to improving plant operation efficiency and productivity and reducing workload, the company has effectively used training kits to promote onsite efficiency.

    “The training kit was very helpful for workers who were learning start-up and other procedures. We used this kit for testing before actually installing the positioners, so we were able to do the actual work with confidence,” says Cacinildo Silva.

    “To continue to increase the productivity of the entire plant, we plan to introduce more Azbil’s positioners when we expand the facility. Also, we are considering introduction of the positioner at other plants. Thanks to the good responsiveness after delivery and the high reliability of the product, we are looking forward to Azbil’s continuing support as our business partner,” says Wilson Angelo de Menezes Junior.

    In-house training kit

    In-house training kit

    This case study was published in the 2020 No.2 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.