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    azbil report (Integrated Report)

    The azbil report combines the azbil Group’s annual and CSR reports into a single volume. In this report the information about ESG (Environment, Society, and Governance) is enhanced so that all our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors couldunderstand our value-creation in the long-term perspective. In addition, this report was edited with reference to an international framework for integrated reporting which had been issued by the International Integrated Reporting Council in December 2013.

    azbil report 2020


    • azbil’s Value Creation (3,686KB)
      Greetings/azbil’s History of Value Creation/azbil’s Value Creation— Towards Realizing a Sustainable Society/Past Year/Interview with the CEO/azbil Group’s Value Creation & Approach to Realizing the SDGs
    • Infrastructure to Support Value Creation (3,408KB)
      CSR Management of the azbil Group/Environmental Initiatives/CSR Procurement/Quality Assurance and Safety of Products and Services/Human Resources Initiatives/Compliance/Internal Control/Risk Management/Corporate Governance/Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Audit & Supervisory Board Members/Communication with Stakeholders/Exchanges with Society and Social Contribution Activities
    • Creating Value through Our Core Businesses (4,629KB)
      At a Glance/Building Automation (BA) Business/Advanced Automation (AA) Business/Life Automation (LA) Business/A Robust Global Value Chain/Technological Research & Product Development/Manufacturing & Procurement/Sales, Engineering, Installation,and Service/The azbil Group's Global Network to Support its Value Chain
    • Financial and Non-Financial Data (749KB)
      Financial and Non-Financial Highlights/11-Year Key Financial and Non-Financial Figures/Consolidated Balance Sheet/Consolidated Statement of Income and Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income/Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity/Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows/Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements/Independent Auditor’s Report/azbil Group Companies Data/Corporate Data/Stock Information

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