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  • savic-net™G5
    Building Management System

    Latest advance in building management systems

    Introduce a Building Management System that Achieves Energy Efficiency,
    Low Running Costs, and Fully Open System-Architecture.
    Deliver products of Japan Quality to answer the IoT needs.

    savic-net™G5, the latest advance in building management systems,
    builds upon Azbil’s proven achievements throughout the evolution of building environments,
    and incorporates cutting-edge IoT, AI, and big data technology.
    Azbil continues to create advanced solutions that balance energy efficiency, comfort, and safety,
    now with a new type of building management that allows input from everyone connected with the building.


    savic-net G5 was developed with usability in mind and is our friendliest system to date,
    accommodating users of all levels. An all-new tablet/mobile interface allows users to monitor
    their systems anytime, anywhere.

    Energy Saving

    Azbil has extensive experience as an energy solutions provider. We optimize every facet of
    your building’s energy consumption to reduce both energy use and CO2 emissions.
    With savic-net G5, it helps building owners cut cost while creating comfort for people and the planet.

    Integrated Management

    An open system-architecture makes wide-ranging connectivity. Take full control of all of
    your data across different systems in one place. This data helps you manage facility maintenance and
    provides valuable information for building management.

    Japan Quality

    As a leader in building management systems, Azbil has consistently earned the reputation from clients,
    providing the reliability and safety under Japanese standard to deliver optimal performance.

    Feel free to contact us for consultation or inquiries regarding these products.

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