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  • Energy Solutions

    Provide Optimal Energy Management Solutions
    for All Buildings, Realize Smart Society.

    Buildings play a major role in ensuring your organization remains competitive. They have a significant impact on the health and productivity of all those who work inside, which is exactly why it is crucial that they are kept in their absolute best conditions. Azbil has the know-how to put energy into efficient use without sacrificing comfort or productivity. We create value for your company through proposing optimized energy management plans, supporting continued efforts, and much more.

    Bring Various Types of Value

    Implove Building Performance
    Increase People's Satisfaction
    Contribute to the Grobal Environment

    Implove Building Performance

    Use building automation data to contribute to stable building management.

    Increase People's Satisfaction

    Realize both reduction of energy conservation and enhancement people's well-being and productivity.

    Enhance Corporate Social Responsibility

    Support your efforts toward sustainable development goals, and contribute to improving your corporate value.

    Contribute to the Global Environment

    Our energy solutions lower your energy costs and reduce global environmental impact.

    Comprehensive Approach to Energy Management

    Measurement and Visualization
    Diagnosis, Analysis, and Implementation
    Verification and Continuous Improvement

    Measurement and Visualization

    The first step in saving energy is to improve transparency of current energy usege. Our expertise and technology provide insights that drive efficient energy management.

    Diagnosis, Analysis, and Implementation

    We analyze building energy usage from various angles such as by each control line and floor, and by each piece of equipment and device. You can take appropriate actions by finding the exact cause of energy waste.

    Verification and Continuous Improvement

    After measures have been implemented, we use data collected to ensure desired results are being achieved, and offer further measures for improvement. We provide continuous support for your energy management strategy.

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    Energy Service company

    Energy-saving services that eliminate the need for initial investment by budgeting part of the utility costs for the construction of energy-saving systems.

    Case Studies
    Gaysorn Tower

    • High-class large complex in Thailand.
    • Introduced Azbil's latest BA system.
    • Achieved ideal indoor air quality with low energy consumption.

    Case Studies
    Amarin Plaza

    • Introduced ESCO operation with zero investment risk.
    • Decreased pump energy consumption by 60%.
    • Significantly reduced management workload for the staff.

    Case Studies
    Amari Watergate Bangkok

    • Implemented an energy management system.
    • Carried out construction without interfering with hotel operations.
    • Achieved 15% reduction in energy consumption.

    Case Studies
    Solaire Resort &

    • A casino and resort complex.
    • Provided a comfortable indoor environment through the introduction of an all-new BA system.
    • Reduced operator workload by improving monitoring and control system operability.

    Case Studies
    Japanese Red Cross Wakayama Medical Center

    • A regional medical center with over 110 years of history.
    • Implemented energy solution and remote maintenance services.
    • Extended a series of measures to maintain a comfortable hospital environment and enable energy saving.

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