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  • Products and Services for Maritime Industries

    Products and Services for Maritime Industries

    Based on our wide-ranging experience, and always putting the customer's needs first, we offer forward-looking solutions to problems in the maritime industries.

    Updates / Press Releases

    March 1, 2016
    Products and Services for Maritime Industries

    For Maritime Industries, Solutions That Are Optimal for the Customer

    Maritime industries face increasingly complex challenges in a changing environment that includes stricter measures for safe ship operations, and increased need for energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

    Azbil, applying advanced technology centered on its core strengths of measurement and control, provides needed solutions for the maritime market. Always moving forward, we will continue to work alongside our customers to create value while providing a range of services from consulting to post-delivery maintenance.

    • From the customer's perspective
      In response to the changing business environment of our customers, we offer a range of solutions to resolve issues from our customer's perspective.
    • Total support:
      Leveraging our ability to offer integrated service that spans the range from consulting to engineering and maintenance, we are able to propose forward-looking solutions that enhance our customers' competitive strength.
    • Wealth of experience:
      We can provide optimal solutions due to our wealth of experience in the maritime market, including support for LNG and other sophisticated vessels, and our extensive experience in other industry sectors.

    ─ A pioneer in LNG carrier monitoring and control systems ─
    LNG vessels are built for the sole purpose of transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) chilled to minus 162° Celsius. This extremely low temperature is the boiling point of LNG, so these vessels require the most advanced technologies to ensure safe delivery. Azbil has supplied its monitoring and control systems, field instruments, control valves, and other equipment to more than 100 LNG vessels.
    We look forward to using superior technology, accumulated experience, and outstanding products and services to continue supporting maritime industries in the future.

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    Solutions for Maritime Industries