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  • Auxiliary Equipments for Control Valves

    Auxiliary equipment refines the air supply serving as the control valve power source and increases the performance and features of the control valves.

    Regulator with filter

    Cleans the air serving as the control valve power source and sets the air pressure to the specified level.

    Auxiliary machinery for pneumatic control valves

    Volume boosters to improve the control valve's operational speed, airlock valves to lock the valve opening if the air supply fails, etc.

    Solenoid valves

    In response to signals from host safety devices and sequencers, solenoid valves facilitate the intake and exhaust of air for the control valve actuator.

    Limit switches

    Attached to the control valve to detect its position (fully closed, fully open, etc.). Limit switches send signals to host safety devices and sequencers.

    Opening transmitters (motion transmitters)

    Transmitters return the degree of opening of the control valve to the host control system.

    I/P converters

    These convert the control signal (4-20 mA analog standard signal) of the host control system to a pneumatic or pneumatic positioner input signal (20-100 kPa standard signal).

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