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  • Eccentric Rotary Valves, Three-way Valves

    Size: 1" to 40"
    Pressure rating: JIS 10 to 40K, JPI 150 to 600, ANSI 150 to 600
    Temperature range: ?60 to 350°C
    Materials:carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.
    Actuators: Air diaphragm motor, piston cylinder
    Accessories: Positioner, limit switch, solenoid valve, etc.
    For more details, refer to the specification sheet for the individual model.

    Model VFR

    Features include:

    1. Larger valve capacity compared to globe valves;
    2. Wide rangeability (100:1);
    3. A straight-through structure that eliminates obstacles for slurry fluids;
    4. Ability to mount a multi-hole plate to improve anti-cavitation performance and reduce noise;
    5. Soft seat tight shutoff (class VI)
    6. Ability to apply gland packing of Azbil Self-declaration type Low-emission-packing system,

    Model AMT and HDT

    Three-way valves are used for dividing or mixing fluids. AMT three-way valves can be used for both dividing and mixing fluids. HDT three-way valves are used for dividing fluids. They are typically mounted on heat exchangers to control temperature.

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