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  • Connector with Cables


    (Excluding PA5)

    PA7 Series

    Designed to make connections more secure and to reduce wiring man-hours, these quick-lock connectors fit together in a snap.

    • Connect by simply rotating the lock ring 1/8 of a turn
    • No risk of uneven tightening by workers or loose connections caused by vibration, etc.
    • Compatible with conventional M12 screw connectors
    • Clicking sound indicates that the connection has been made.
    • The cable (CM) complies with the NFPA 79 standard.

    PA5 Series

    A wide variety of connector specifications is available for various operating environments.

    • PA5-**SK series: the standard model, compliant with the NFPA 79 standard
    • PA5-**CK series: high resistance to oil, for places where coolant may be spilled
    • PA5-**WK series: high resistance to flame, for exposure to welding spatter
    • PA5-**RK series: high resistance to vibration, for use with mechanical devices

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