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  • Intelligent Earthquake Sensor
    Model SES70

    The SES70 Intelligent Earthquake Sensor detects the acceleration caused by an earthquake using a small built-in accelerometer and then calculates and outputs the synthetic acceleration, the estimated Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale (shindo scale) value, and the SI value, which is an estimation of damage to structures caused by earthquake motion.

    Small size, low price

    • Small size, light weight and low price have been achieved through integration of the sensing and computation units.

    High functionality

    • The SI value (an estimation of the damage to structures caused by earthquake motion), Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale equivalent value, and maximum synthetic acceleration are output from contacts with 4-20 mA signals.
    • Automatically recognizes electromagnetic noise and liquefaction and outputs appropriate signal.
    • Automatically records earthquake waveform data.

    Unification of earthquake information by earthquake sensor package

    • Touch-panel display interface requires no programming
    • Display and setting of various types of earthquake information
    • Several optional functions including submonitor, output to printer, and e-mail notification

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