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  • Proximity Switches (Proximity Sensors)


    (Refer to the product lineup page)

    Various types of documents can be viewed in PDF format.

    The specification sheets or user manuals available on this page may pertain to a product version other than the one you are using.


    Document Name Model No. Document No. Download
    Adjustable Proximity Sensor H3C-H_ CP-PC-2275E Download
    Environment-Resistant Switches 1LS-J_ _ _, H2B, FL7M-C, SL1-_ _ CP-PC-2256E Download
    DC2-Wire Regular Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_REGULAR Download
    DC2-Wire Cylindrical Long-Distance No-Poarity Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_LONG Download
    DC2-Wire Spatter-Guarded Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_SPATTER Download
    Stainless Steel Sensing Face Proximity Switch FL7S-_ _ _ _ FL7S Download
    DC2-Wire Environment-Resistant Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ _C FL7M_C Download
    DC2-Wire Aluminum-Chip Resistant Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ A FL7M_A Download
    DC2-Wire Unshielded Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_UNSHIELDED Download
    AC/DC2-wire Type Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_AC_DC2 Download
    DC3-Wire Cylindrical Proximity Switches FL7M-_ _ _ _ FL7M_DC3 Download
    Amplifier-Contained Compact Proximity Switches APM-_ _ _ APM Download
    DC2-wire Square Proximity Switches FL2R-_ _ _ _, FL2S-_ _ _ _ FL2R_S Download
    Vehicle-Mounted Square Proximity Switches FL2R-_ _ _ _ _V FL2R_V Download
    DC3-wire Square Proximity Switches FL2-_ _ _ _ FL2 Download

    User's Manual or Instrumentation Document

    Document Name Model No. Document No. Download
    User’s Manual for Setup Tool Model H3Z-DTM-_ _ for Adjustable Proximity Sensor Model H3C-H H3Z-DTM-_ _ CP-SP-1452E Download
    Proximity Switch (2-wire AC/DC Type) FL7M-_ _ _ _ CP-SP-1177JE Download
    Proximity Switch (Non-shielden 2-wire DC Type) FL7M-_ _ _ _ CP-SP-1178JE Download
    Proximity Switch (Aluminum Chip Resistant) FL7M-_ _ _A CP-UM-3076JE Download
    Proximity Switch (2-wire DC) Model FL7M-2_6_ / FL7M-3_6_ / FL7M-7_6_ / FL7M-10_6_ FL7M-_ _ _ _ CP-UM-5110JE Download
    Proximity Switch (Non-polar 2-wire DC long sensing distance) FL7M-_ _ _ _ CP-UM-5291JE Download
    Proximity Switches FL7M Series (3-Wire DC Type) FL7M-_ _ _ _ CP-UM-5373E Download
    Proximity Switch APM-_ _ _ CP-UM-3162JE Download
    Proximity Switch (2-wire DC) FL2_- _ _ CP-UM-3069JE Download
    Proximity Switch (DC 3-wire) FL2-_ _ CP-UM-3030JE Download

    * In information issued before March 2012, there may be cases where the former corporate name is used.

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