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  • Smart Pressure TransmittersModel PTG_ _ _


    The PTG series pressure sensor is a microprocessor-equipped product with semiconductor pressure sensors. The combination of semiconductor pressure sensors and a microprocessor enables high performance and excellent reliability, in addition to compact size and light weight.
    For use in a diverse range of applications, an optional variable range function and built-in digital indicator are available.

    Compact, lightweight, and high-performance

    This sensor has a highly vibration-resistant, compact design and lightweight body (as little as 900 g) that can be directly attached to pipes. With a high accuracy of ±0.5 % F.S., it can be used in the control and monitoring of process pressures.

    Diverse variety of process connection types

    The sensor is available with a wide range of process connection types, such as screw (external thread, internal thread, and flush diaphragm), flange, and ferrule (sanitary). This enables process connections to be accommodated flexibly.

    Broad range/span setting range

    Five models completely cover the measurement span from 2 kPa to 50 MPa, allowing for use in a wide range of applications.

    Variable range function (optional)

    Any range can be set using CommStaff™. A wide pressure range can be measured with a single model, helping reduce the cost of equipment.

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    TIIS explosion proof (PTG70* series)

    TIIS pressure-resistant oil-immersed type explosion proof Exdo II CT4X certified. It can be used in areas requiring explosion-proof construction.

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