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  • BU100H HART I/O Module - HART Communication Interface

    HART communication compliant I/O modules (BU100H*) execute both 4–20 mA analog input/output processing functions for control loops and communication interface functions for communication with HART-compliant devices.

    BU100H modules maintain full compatibility with existing analog input/output modules for base unit mounting type in module shape and I/O functions. As a result, they are easy to use in an Azbil DCS such as Advanced PS or Harmonas-DEO.

    It is possible to introduce Azbil's InnovativeField Organizer Device Management System, which provides various device management solutions, and also keep existing control loop functions using BH100H.

    * There are two kinds of HART communication compliant I/O module, one for 4–20 mA analog input and one for 4–20 mA analog output.