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  • Control Valves

    High reliability backed by more than 80 years of history and a rich record of accomplishments

    A diverse product lineup compliant with global standards

    Compliance with global standards

    In respond to the ongoing need for higher reliability and eco-friendliness, we acquire certifications and acknowledgments of compliance with regional and international standards.

    Certification-Related Documents

    icon : 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive

    2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive

    CE Marking Declaration of conformity

    icon : 中国 特殊設備安全技術規範/圧力管道元件 生産許可証

    中国 特殊設備安全技術規範/圧力管道元件 生産許可証

    Special Equipment Safety Technical Regulation/Pressure Piping Components Manufacture Appraisal Regulation

    icon : IEC61508 functional safety SIL Certification

    IEC61508 functional safety SIL Certification

    icon : ISO 15848-1 Low emission certification

    ISO 15848-1 Low emission certification

    Product Catalogue

    thumbnail : Industrial Selection Guide - Control Valves

    General Catalogue

    Industrial Selection Guide - Control valve

    A wide variety of control valves

    Product photo : A wide variety of control valves

    We have the right products for your needs, allowing you to select the best products for your plant’s varied requirements.

    Whole-plant optimization with Azbil’s innovative automation technology

    Azbil’s smart valve positioners and PLUG-IN Valstaff control valve maintenance support system were developed to streamline maintenance and reduce plant operation costs.

    With Azbil’s control valves and systems, various control valve tests can be automated, significantly minimizing inspection work load and achieving an innovative process automation environment.

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