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    Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production

    Manufacture and sales

    • Equipments and environmental facilities for Pharmaceutical production which is needed containment and aseptic environment
    • Consultation, audit support, validation and documentation for production under cGMP
    • Equipments for laboratory in Life science field


    [For Pharmaceutical production]


    • GMP Pilot/industrial Lyophilizers (Freeze Dryers)
    • Auto loading/unloading system for vials
    • Barrier systems (Containment/Aseptic isolator, RABS, laminar flow booth)
    • Sterilizers (Hydrogen peroxide, ETO, Autoclave, Dry Heat Oven, etc….)
    • Treatment and Purification Equipments for Pharmaceutical Quality Water, Pure steam generator, CIP/SIP, Waste Treatment System


    • Engineering
    • Consultation
    • Validation
    • After sales supports

    [For Laboratory]


    • Cabinets (Bio-safety cabinet, Clean bench, Movable Work station)
    • Ultra-low temp. Refrigerator
    • Lab scale Freeze dryer


    • Calibration for lab measurement equipments
    • After sales supports
    • Seminar, Training

    Inquiries concerning pharmaceutical solutions and services

    Inquiries through the Website.

    Inquiry form

    What is Azbil Telstar S.L.U.

    Azbil Telstar, S.L.U. (hereafter ATL) is the core for Life Science Engineering business of Azbil, and a member of aG which is specialized in Life Science industry. The headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain, and ATL provides products and services to clients globally from 11 affiliates in the world.
    Azbil Telstar, S.L.U